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Our game is a rebuild of the quake 3 engine, to allow it to run in a browser over the net. As such, the game can be accessed at

The file attached in the 'upload files' sections is only a dummy file, to allow us to complete this submission.

The game we planned to release for the TasJam was planned to be similar to the original Quake 3 Arena in gameplay. The main difference, was that rather than picking up guns, they would be purchased on respawn on credits earned from killing enemies - somewhat similar to that used in counterstrike.

For the 'voices' component of our game, we planned to have a audiofeed into the game. Rather than having the modern or science fiction theme of Counterstrike or Quake, we would be going for a fantasy setting, with mages 'singing' their enchantments into existence. On respawn, players would choose a weapon they wished to purchase, then be taken to a screen somewhat similar to guitar hero. They are given a frequency modulation graph (FMG) for the upcoming required not, and a live FMG of the current audio feed.

A bar would move along the notes they are required to play, and incorrect notes would result in a cost multiplier being applied to the amount of credits (manna) required. Singing into existence a basic weapon would be quite fast, cheap and easy. Continuing the track would result in a more expensive, but better upgraded weapon being created. There would be a cap on the total manna a player could hold, allowing fully upgraded weapons only being unlockable to those able to sing through the full tune with no errors.

Unfortunately, none of this ended up being implemented. In it's current state, the game runs in the browser, we were able to include some of the HUD elements, and replace one of the Quake skins with a more Fantasy compatible one.

While we were not able to complete our game in time for this games jam, this is part of a longer term project, and I am still happy with the progress we have made.